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Our Staff

Teaching staff
Year 3
Miss E. Hamer Puffin Class Teacher and Year Lead
Miss N. Read Pelican Class Teacher
Mrs C. Steadman-Tippett Penguins Class Teacher
Miss K. Jones Pelican Teaching Assistant
Miss G. Menestre Puffin Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Threadingham Penguin Teaching Assistant
Year 4
Mrs V. Hungerford Beluga Class Teacher and Year Lead
Miss L. Gates Orca Class Teacher
Miss S. Tinsley Narwhal Class Teacher
Miss R. Harman Narwhal Teaching Assistant
Mrs C. Osgood Orca Teaching Assistant
Mrs D,. Bryson Beluga Teaching Assistant
Year 5
Miss E. Hitchings Warrior Class Teacher and Year Lead
Miss Z. Mirza Victory Class Teacher
Miss A. Lawrence Mary Rose Class Teacher
Mrs B. Jennings Warrior Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Arifi Victory Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Torrens Mary Rose Teaching Assistant
Miss S. Whittingham 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Year 6
Miss M. Gardiner Arctic Class Teacher and Year Lead
Miss C. Wooden Pacific Class Teacher
Mrs E. Boreham Teaching Assistant/Maths Interventions
Miss L. Bastable Artic Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Browning Pacific Teaching Assistant
Mrs R. Fleming 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Clerical Staff
Mrs K. Abdul Receptionist; administrative assistant
Mrs P. Smith SIMS manager; attendance officer
Mrs K. Broadbent Office Manager
Site and Supervisory Staff
Mr D. Fox Site Manager
Mrs L. Johnson Cleaner
Mrs T. Farr Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A. Mannan First Aid lunchtime supervisor and Cleaner
Mrs S. Ratcliff Lunchtime Supervisor and Cleaner
Mr A. Webb Lunchtime Supervisor and Cleaner
Mrs K. Willis Cleaner
Mrs N. Monaghan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K. Overy Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs V. Willett Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T. Walters Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs P. Morgan  Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss R. Gardner  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Harris  Lunchtime Supervisor
Inclusion Team
Mrs A. Cope Assistant Headteacher and SENCO
Miss M. Chapman Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs J. King ELSA
Miss L. Passmore Speech and Language Teaching Assistant
Leadership Team
Mrs A. Cope Assistant Headteacher, SEN co-ordinator
Mrs K. Broadbent Office Manager
Mrs L. Carroll Headteacher
Mrs S. Peckham Deputy Headteacher
Miss R. Shore Reading Recovery Lead
Miss N. Sheppard Director of Education for TSAT Portsmouth Hub