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School Council

Each class elects a School Councillor and a Deputy Councillor supporting the British Value of democracy.  The School Council consists of the 11 councillors plus the Head Boy and Head Girl and is overseen by Mrs Brown, one of our teaching assistants.

The School Council meets every Friday to discuss how to help the school improve.  Class councils take place every Thursday during assembly time to talk about what the School Council is working on.

The School Council enjoys visits to other elected bodies such as Portsmouth City Council’s Chambers and the Lord Mayor.

Class School Councillor Deputy Councillor
3EH Sonny Gordon Lily Foster
3NR Lottie Banks Archie Harding
3SP Charlie Bradrick Ava Stinton
4CS Angel Holder Oakley Lancett
4CT Alfie Dyer Tania Rahman
4IM True Nolan Elise Osborne
Yr 5 Monica Ghosh Regan Wilshaw
5SM Kelsey Reid Madison Williams
5VP Tyler Ferrett Tanvir Hossain
6EW George Porter-Savage Isabel Bromley
6HP Yusuf Ahmed Abigal McGriskin
Chair Sadie Hall
Vice-Chair Gracjan Garbijcz
Head Boy Toby Court
Head Girl Chloe Pearson