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Consultation Notice

Consultation Notice

Dear Parent / Carer,

We wanted to write to you to let you know of some very positive changes that we are planning to make to the way that your child’s school, Isambard Brunel Junior School, and Meredith Infant School are run. We will on May 20th be opening a consultation on this; we are keen to hear everyone’s views and do hope you will let us know your thoughts.

Our plan is that from September 2020, Isambard Brunel Junior School and Meredith Infant School, which are located on the same site, would merge and operate as a single school which spans from age 4 to 11. The Thinking Schools Academy Trust already runs both schools and the new school would continue to be part of our family of schools.

We believe this creates an exciting opportunity for children at both schools, including your child, and that is of course the primary factor in our proposal. As you may know, Meredith is rated Good by Ofsted and following the planned merger, a shared leadership structure would mean that both schools would benefit from the excellent leadership of Lucy Carroll, currently the Headteacher of Meredith and Isambard.

We also see a very clear advantage in how the merger would mean that parents would only need to apply to one school, something that research by Portsmouth City Council indicates is a more popular choice with parents than applying to an Infant school and then a Junior school.

In addition to these benefits, the merger would also allow us to use the space on the shared site more efficiently for all children, better serving the needs of the local community and the children at the school.

The consultation period will commence on 20th May and run until 28th June. Your views, and those of other parents at both schools, as well as those of the local community and of all interested parties are really important to us, and we greatly value the chance to hear them. If you would like to send a response to the consultation, you can do so using the email address: after the consultation opens. The consultation will be available on the Thinking Schools website, at

We are very much looking forward to seeing all the positive changes that we believe would come as a result of merging the two schools; and believe that the merger would help us continue to raise standards for all pupils, which is such a priority for us at all our schools.

We have included a FAQ sheet that we hope will answer some of your questions and a more detailed rationale for amalgamation of Infant and Junior schools to form an all through primary School, however if you have further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Gardner
Chief Executive Officer
Thinking Schools Academy Trust
Lucy Carroll
Meredith Infant School and Isambard Junior School