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School Update – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Further information about how our Trust and schools are taking necessary precautions since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, can be found in our Trust’s ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) website section’.


Thank you very much to those families who have been working hard to ensure children’s attendance and punctuality is high; these are important habits to establish in your children’s lives and will make a difference in their future.

We are so proud of the progress we have made in improving attendance for the last academic year (2018-2019) raising attendance by 0.4% to 95.5%.  However, this is still below the national average of 96%  We aspire for every child to be in school every day as research shows that there is a definite link between achievement and attendance.  It is therefore very important that your child attends school every day unless there are exceptional circumstances.  For more information about school attendance, see our visit