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Inspectors praise Isambard Brunel Junior School Across the Board

Inspectors praise Isambard Brunel Junior School Across the Board

Isambard Brunel Junior school has been rated as Good by Ofsted for the first time in over 20 years – with inspectors hailing the “significant” improvements achieved by the academy.

Isambard Brunel Junior School was praised for the quality of education pupils receive, the strength of leadership, and the behaviour and attitude of the children. Every area assessed by Ofsted was graded as Good.

There was particular praise for the Headteacher, Lucy Carroll, and her deputy, who inspectors said were “a very strong and effective team” who have “huge ambitions” for what pupils can achieve.

Ofsted also highlighted the strength of the teaching staff, including achieving rapid improvements in reading, writing and mathematics. Inspectors said that pupils behave well and “really make the most of all the great opportunities they are given to enrich their learning”.

The school is part of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, a family of 17 schools in the South East, including in Portsmouth, providing a high-quality education for all children and young people. Thinking Schools began its sponsorship of Isambard Brunel Junior School five years and has steadily improved it, culminating in today’s report. Ofsted praised the the support the academy has received from the Thinking Schools for the “significant” progress made since the last inspection.


Lucy Carroll, Headteacher of Isambard Brunel Junior School, in North End, said:

“I am so proud to be the Headteacher of Isambard Brunel Junior School. I feel very privileged to work alongside such an amazing, hard-working and committed team and to be part of the lives of our incredible pupils and families. I would like to thank everyone for their continuous belief and support in us and our journey.”

Stuart Gardner, Chief Executive of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, said:

“The work that has been done by everyone involved with the school, and which has been led by Lucy, has been phenomenal. It is so rewarding to see that hard work pay off.

“I would like to pay tribute to Lucy and her team, to the pupils for their talent and hard work, and to the parents and carers who have always been so supportive.”

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