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Thank you NHS!

Thank you NHS!

Keeping safe

You can keep safe by staying inside but this doesn’t mean you have to hide.

Instead you can wave, you can FaceTime or phone,

So let’s have a think and try not to moan.

If your friends call you and ask you to meet, say ‘no thanks’ I’m not aloud in the street,

Instead you can paint, you can cook, you can play,

So let’s just enjoy this fine, sunny day.

You may have a temperature, cough or a cold so listen to instructions that you have been told.

People go out, they ignore and break rules,

Why aren’t they listening , they have closed all the schools!

A mark of this virus is no smell or taste,

Look after loved ones, there’s no lives to waste.

Just listen to Boris, the government and Queen,

SERIOUSLY! They are not being mean.