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Loving our Lunchtime!

Loving our Lunchtime!

Over the past few weeks, we have been thinking about how we can make lunchtime more successful particularly for children in the West playground.  With the support of our wonderful dinner ladies, we have come up with some new arrangements as follows:

  • quiet sitting and/or story time in the allotment
  • play equipment on the grass – space hoppers, skipping ropes etc.
  • area to run around near the gate
  • once a week Card Club for Year 6

This has already had a massive impact on the school: far fewer First Aid incidents at lunch; much improved behaviour during lunch and a really settled start to our afternoons.

We will carry on making sure there are plenty of choices for children at lunchtime but we wanted to share the good news with you as soon as possible.  And here’s the proof: look at all these happy, smiling faces!